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Join us!

Would you like to help us? The Utopia collective needs new volunteers for various tasks. We are looking for sign language interpreters, distributors for our posters, DJs and bands, teachers for our courses and workshops, performance artists and more! The will to help is enough. We can discuss together and find out what would be something you can do. Don’t hesitate to contact us. Anyone can join in! Please email utopiahelsinki [at]



What is Utopia?

The Utopia is culture for everyone, with everyone and from everyone. We organize cultural activities open for all youth regardless of their backgrounds. Your origin, gender, physical capabilities, political views, love life or anything else doesn’t matter. The real accessibility and openness is the basis for our Utopia.

Utopia creates and promotes new kind of culture, where accessibility is seen not only important but also necessary. The participants’ needs are taken in account without questioning them. Well, that’s about what Utopia is about!

On our courses you can practice and try out different forms of culture without constraints. Wheel chair, cultural background, diagnosis or physical disability is not an obstacle if you wish to take part in our breakdance or DJ courses. Everyone is welcome.

Whose idea was it?

The idea for Utopia originates from the city of Gothenburg in Sweden. The Gothenburg Utopia has been able to conceive a new kind of youth culture and promote better accessibility standards in the city. The various dance, art, theater and DJ courses are being organised on continous basis.

The Utopia Helsinki was founded by small group of young idealists who were fed up with the fact that most the events are inaccessible for youngsters. The group thought there are way too few cool stuff locally available for young people, especially for those who are not who are not regarded to fit in the stereotypes of normality. The Utopia collective consists of activists, club promoters, graphic designers, skilled lyrical masters and accessibility campaigners. Culture for everyone, for real!

In Utopia we are focused on the culture itself. The culture is meant for everyone and we do it together. The thing for Utopia is that anyone can join. The plurality, variety and richness of people is a fact and in Utopia we accept and celebrate it. In our activities we focused on real activities. We have fun and collaborate together.

What do we want!

Utopia Helsinki started in 2011 with Utopia gigs and clubs. After that Utopia has evolved to more sustaining activity. Currently we are organizing courses and workshops according to our ideals: Culture for, from and by everyone.

We want our Utopia to be a shared platform for interaction and having fun. It is a platform that can present even radical new ideas. Our long term goal is to acquire our own space where we can organize our cultural activities.

We Utopians demand that the accessibility and the consideration for the difference of the people is a starting point for everyone and everywhere. Always. This is our ideology we like to spread around. When we reach our goals, the Utopia becomes our utopia. So hop in and join our great adventure!



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